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chasing shadows

Wicked Paradise


He must choose between duty and desire.

After a deadly storm tosses demon assassin Ryan O'Rourke into the Pacific Ocean, he washes ashore onto an unchartered island alive with magic and evil. Hellbent on returning home to battle the demons plaguing the human race, Ryan sets out to find his way back. But after stumbling upon the enchantress who tantalizes his dreams and stirs his deepest desires, his plans begin to unravel.

She contains the perfect blend of magic and danger.

Morgan of the Druids has magic that is coveted by both good and evil. Bound to the deadliest threat as well as to the mysterious man intruding on her dreams, Morgan is torn between her equal parts of good and bad. It's up to her to tear herself from the pull of evil and join Ryan in his quest to save the Earth. But can they fight for their lives without battling each other? Or will their need and pull for one another take them to a paradise neither was prepared for?




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"This is a book full of adventure, romance and two wonderfully heroic characters. The author's descriptions of the island are beautiful and the passion between Morgan and Ryan leaves you turning the pages to see if they can finally come together. The interaction with the Demon at times leaves you breathless. A great book."

~The Paranormal Romance Guild (5-Stars)

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"This is the first book I have read by this author, but I'm positive it won't be the last. Wicked Paradise was very imaginative, and different. This novel was wonderfully written. The world building is brilliant and fascinating. The island had a life of its own, and the author made me fill like I was right there on it. I could picture everything in my mind’s eye, and it was completely believable."

~Wicked Readings by Tawania - 5-Stars

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"Ms. Richards has woven a lush tale of desire, betrayal, and mystery in Wicked Paradise. The story is a novel mix of fantasy and dystopian, with enough to satisfy readers who love either genre."

~Jen's Reviews - 5-Stars

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"Overall, this story blew me away. Riveting, intriguing, and scenes so well written the reader feels like they are front and center in the middle of it all, this was a magical, sexy, beautiful adventure that I was glad to have taken a ride on. A job well done to this author, and I await and anticipate much more!"

~Nikki, Storm Goddess Book Reviews - 4.5 Lightning Bolts

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"Full of vivid imagery and an amazing plot, Wicked Paradise is a gem in the fantasy romance genre. I was amazed at how well this story sucked me right in, from the beginning set centuries ago, to a dystopian future on a cursed, but beautiful island."

~Poppy, Long and Short Reviews - 4.5-Stars

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"With the pace of our rush away world, we tend to forget the pleasures of a story well told, languid in its unfolding, and rich in its depths. Wicked Paradise is such a tale. I was drawn in, deeper and deeper, until I could not put it down, appreciating Erin Richard's wonderful use of language, her lush imagery, and intense characterizations. This is a marvelous novel, brimming with imagination. Morgan and Ryan are heroic and passionate protagonists, who must find their way to each other, and to WindWraith, the evil demon they must overcome in a bid to save their mystical, shadow moon island - and, perhaps, the world at large. Ancient Avalon, Druid magic, time travel, twenty-first century post-apocalyptic ruin, high adventure, and romance! Kudos to Ms. Richards for mingling it all together and delivering a novel that entertains, surprises, and enthralls. I loved it!"

~Amazon Reviewer - 5-Stars



Ryan turned, masking his expression. Pain blanched Morgan’s love-ravaged face. He wanted to die on the spot.

She rose from the bed, crumpling her gown over her breasts. Resolve shifted across her mottled face. “You do not want me,” she stated simply.

“No, it’s not...hell, yes I want you.” His gut lurched. “You have no idea—” I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you. He scrubbed his hand across his face, wishing to mop his confusion away so easily. “It just cannot be.”

“Because I’m a powerful sorceress from another land, another time?” Her voice rang flat and resigned to her fate.

Softening his gaze, he replied, “It has nothing to do with who you are.”

“Then enlighten me,” she challenged, giving him her black, mad raven glare.

He considered his words carefully. “It’s about my duty to my people. I...we...must find a way off this island. I have a life to return to, people to help, Fomorians to destroy.” He hung his head. “Fucking, lifelong duty,” he grumbled.

“Will you tell me about your responsibilities to your people and your world?”

Ryan warred with the wish to tell her everything versus nothing, spoiling their time together in paradise. All too soon, he must return to that harsh, oppressive life of fighting, running, and hiding. A long pause ensued before he heard the faint rustling of clothing. Ryan lifted his head. Morgan wore her gossamer gown, arms folded over her breasts.

“Why were we sent to this paradise prison?” His step ate the distance between them.

Morgan squinted, regarding him coolly. “Someone must kill WindWraith before it steals more of Avalon’s magic, escapes this island, and completely annihilates both our worlds. She gave him a slow, appraising look. “We were sent to this island to destroy the creature. Together we can defeat it.”

Disgust curled Ryan’s lips. “Who sent us? Who but our worst enemy would do that to us?”

Morgan’s bare soles swept the hardened ground. Their mixed floral and spicy aromas clung to her. He inhaled through his mouth, trying not to let it suck him in again.

Ryan felt a single tremor pass down his spine. “Tell me, Morgan. Who?” He moved a step closer.

Embers in the fire ring threw off a pitiful glow in the darkening cave. Too dark to see, he felt her spark of defiance, the twinkle of challenge.

“My father,” she finally said. She sent a vision into his head, showing her father telling her, verbally and telepathically, about her obligations to her people and Avalon. Once again, Ryan saw WindWraith’s identity and its ages-long path of destruction. She cut off the horror show, depriving him of the ending. Morgan tightened her arms around herself, guarding her body from his venomous look.

“You set me up.” Power leapt inside him with angry flashes of lightning along his nerves. He stalked out of the cave and didn’t look back. 

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